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About your love tarot reading Iphone application

To find it in the App'store, juste type 'Love tarot' in the search field and select the purple woman icon (Author: Veryweb)

Love Tarot is a very special Iphone App.

Unlike all the other tarot readings, this one presents a summary of your readings. As a result, the answers you get are much more clear.

Moreover, this divination tarot card deck, one of the oldest famous Marseille's tarot deck, is said to have real magic power. Now it's your turn to discover its great power !

How to use it:

First of all, make sure that your iphone is connected to the network.

Then touch the clairvoyant to start your readings.

Love Tarot










  • Now make sure that your iphone is connected to the network, clear all the thoughts from your head, and think carefully about your question.
  • Choose 4 cards and press on  ‘Ok’.
  • Love Tarot 2









The result of your spread pops up, included the 5th card wich is calculated by additionning the numbers of the 4 cards you have chosen. On this screen (below), you may tap any card to get more info about it, including a small resume of its symbolic significance.

Love Tarot 3











In order to understand how this five card spread can be interpreted, imagine your question being put forward to a kind of tribunal, the five cards being the main actors. It’s their individual position in the spread and their relationship to the others that will play a positive (for) or a negative (against) role relating to your question.

The first card, on the left side of the cross, pleas for your question and is on your side, just like the role of a lawyer.

The second card, on the right side of the cross, represents all the elements that go against your question. It may be regarded as being a public prosecutor of your question.

The third card, on the top of the cross, informs you objectively of the situation as a whole, just like the role of a judge.

The fourth card gives a first answer to the question you asked, like a kind of judgment. The judgment can be for or against your question, depending on the others cards of the spread.

Last of all, the fifth card, also called the synthesis card, is the card that confirms (or not) the judgment given by the fourth card. The fifth card is obtained from the value of the putting together of the first four cards, and may even represent a card that has already been drawn from the pack.

Once you are ready, just tap on 'read these cards' to get the full interpretation of your readings.

Your readings will be divided in three parts:

> You in this situation

> Your present

> Your future

Love Tarot 4










Enjoy your readings !

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We hope that you will enjoy your "Love Tarot" application.

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As any iphone application, once 'Love Tarot' will be installed on your iphone, you will be able to update it freely everytime a improvement is made on it.